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A Brief Commentary on Susan Sontag’s ‘Against Interpretation’ in Relation to Last Year at Marienbad

Susan Sontag’s article ‘Against Interpretation’ tackles one of the most crucial issues art is facing in today’s society. This is the issue of interpretation. The main factor which determines Sontag’s position in regards… Continue reading

The Surrealist Manifesto in Relation to The Works of Luis Buñuel

The Surrealist Manifesto, fathered by André Breton, has been widely regarded as the foremost essential guide in comprehending Surrealism as a movement. Be that as it may, artists were free to interpret the… Continue reading

An Interpretive Evaluation on Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive (2011) is a difficult work to provide an analysis for seeing as how it not only blends within several genres, but also in how its overall framework lends itself… Continue reading

The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema in Relation to Pedro Infante

The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema has been identified as lasting from the mid-1930s to the end of the 1950s, originating at its core in the heart of Mexico City. Many important artists… Continue reading

An Interpretive Analysis on François Truffaut ‘s ‘Tirez sur le Pianiste’ In Relation to André Bazin and Sergei Eisenstein

François Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player (1960) is a French New Wave film which demonstrates representations of both André Bazin’s ‘realist’ approach to cinema and Sergei Eisenstein’s ‘imagist’ innovations with his practices in Soviet… Continue reading

Treating History as Art with ‘Aguirre: The Wrath of God’ (1972)

I am the wrath of God. Who else is with me?  As Don Lope de Aguirre, played by Klaus Kinski, mutters these words the audience is shown an honest depiction of rage and madness, when… Continue reading

A Diversion From the Norm: An Analysis on Alfred Hitchcock and Vladimir Nabokov

With this post, let us take a break from purely discussing cinematic works, and admit the similarities and blurred lines between the literary medium and the cinematic medium as both explore artistic themes… Continue reading

An Analysis on ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1946)

Most of today’s adolescents are well familiarized with the 1991 animated film from Disney which has carried on over to today’s mainstream appeal in the form of Disneyland attractions, Halloween costumes, or even… Continue reading

An analysis on Brainwash

Let’s start this analysis out by clearing a thing or two. As a staff member of Un film de, I would like to loosen the limitations placed on the site’s central aims by… Continue reading