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“CONTEMPT” (1963) Reviewed ★★★★

Tragic chronicle of the demise of a system, of an industry of lies and illusions which could no longer, according to its “auteur”, continue to keep its audience spellbound in its once magical… Continue reading

“THE TURIN HORSE” (2011) Reviewed ★★★★★

Of all contemporary international directors, few filmmakers can match Béla Tarr for sheer commitment and passionate, almost stubborn dedication to a singular artistic vision. There is no such thing as indifference for those… Continue reading

An Interpretive Evaluation on Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive

Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive (2011) is a difficult work to provide an analysis for seeing as how it not only blends within several genres, but also in how its overall framework lends itself… Continue reading

An Interpretive Analysis on François Truffaut ‘s ‘Tirez sur le Pianiste’ In Relation to André Bazin and Sergei Eisenstein

François Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player (1960) is a French New Wave film which demonstrates representations of both André Bazin’s ‘realist’ approach to cinema and Sergei Eisenstein’s ‘imagist’ innovations with his practices in Soviet… Continue reading

‘Cave of Forgotten Dreams’ Review (2010) ★★★★★

Werner Herzog, along with his film crew, go on a journey in exploring the Chauvet Caves of Southern France wherein the oldest cave drawings in history find their residence. What may seem to… Continue reading

‘Mamas and Papas’ (2010) reviewed ★★★★★

Adventuring to local film festivals is always an interesting experience in terms of quality. You’ll never know what you’re in for. Granted that the opening film and closing film will usually be safer… Continue reading

‘Rango’ (2011) reviewed ★★★★★

Rango is one of the few commercially accepted animated films that introduces us to a world full of surrealistic qualities while remaining within the confides of the genre it pays respect to. The… Continue reading

‘We Are What We Are’ (2010) Reviewed ★★★★★

There comes a great deal of dangers when dealing within the confines of genre conventions and genre labels. It is almost always impossible to escape these devices and usually unavoidable in descriptions. For… Continue reading

Biutiful (2010) reviewed ★★★★★

Symbolic realism has never been so relevant in films so much as those crafted from the mind of Alejandro González Iñárritu. What has convinced so many critics and naysayers to be a bleak… Continue reading